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I like to make music. My history is with a band called Knights Of The Occasional Table ("cyber-folk terrorists" - Pete Lawrence) which was way back in the nineties and was very much a computer and boxes affair. These days I'm more interested in playing my guitar and sax. The guitar tends to come out for open mic nights in Glastonbury (trad folk and songs by the Dead, Hendrix and Mose Allison are my current faves). The sax is largely played with The Cube Orchestra, an ad-hoc improvising ensemble based at The Cube, an independent cinema in Bristol (great place, check it out). I haven't played a gig for a while but I'm proud to say that my last gig was with the amazing American guitarist and banjo player Eugene Chadbourne. We played tunes by Sun Ra, Bowie, Ornette Coleman and Suicide.
I would be up for jamming and more with others in the Bristol/Glastonbury area.
And also going to gigs.
I'm also developing my skills as an artist. Interested in everything from landscape painting to surrealism and sci-fi illustration.
I am a trained psychiatric nurse.
I love reading. I love a lot of SF but I also like reading 'proper' authors.
I also enjoy cycling. I recently cycled from Glastonbury to Shaftesbury and back, around 65 miles, in a day.
I am interested in spirituality, but ultimately I think it all comes down to one thing: MEDITATE.


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The Orb
The Grateful Dead
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04 January 2020, 0:25
Stephen Radford
24 December 2019, 13:22
A CD I put together in 1996 culminated in a guided meditation on compassion by Ram Dass with our music. Some years later I got an email from someone in Canada to tell me that he thought that that had changed his life and also, by extension, his families.