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I am a musician. I am a saxophonist who then started songwriting and playing the harp in 2003. After another five years I started putting together journeys with song and this turned into my first book. It belongs in the mind, body, spirit genre, and is an autobiographical journey around the seasonal, astrological year that reflects the 12 stages of our life journey and the archetypal aspects that are apparent in us all. It is a weaving together of as many threads as I am able!.
A few years ago I began writing book two, which also was created alongside a journey with song, which I created as a journey into the labyrinth. This looks into our shadow side, the Minotaur that has been pushed aside (apparently slain) rather than faced. The problems this has brought into our culture fascinates me.
With this process came a desire to get into politics that I had not come across before. Politics with a positive side. Before moving to Frome in 2013 I didn't think this was possible. Thankfully I have been shown otherwise.
This has ignited a great deal of excitement into my life and I am looking forward to sharing this here with the Campfire convention.


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I am most influenced by people who have managed to find ways to solve problems that society has given up on till recently, people who offer hope with creative thinking, courage and steadfast, strong minded conviction.



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