2017 Year in review

Add your highlights and lowlights of an extraordinary year
Created on 5 Dec 2017

Add your highlights and lowlights of an extraordinary year



Tue, 12/05/2017
An extraordinary year in so many ways. Here are a few reflections on 2017
16 Dec. 2017 by
The moment I realised my life was ruled by a tidal wave of data and unopened messages and hampered by the guilt of things I'd left unattended.
30 Dec. 2017 by
This was one of a number of similar gatherings or platforms that I have attended this year around community activism and reclaiming democracy.  Put together they give me a sense of being part of a movement of change that may not be evident in mainstream media but is nonetheless alive and well and growing in momentum. People are getting involved in creating the world they want to see in a multitude of practical ways as well as coming together to grow the vision.
6 Dec. 2017 by
A video reel of the wedding photography conference in Stockholm 2017
10 Dec. 2017 by
2017 : Mixed, I’d say, and (as one of those not wealthy enough to escape the slow slurry spread and stink of Tory policy) with the Black Dog lolloping alongside.
24 Dec. 2017 by
I managed a half day buying a few presents in nearby Bath yesterday and was very conscious of the spending that was going on all around me. I took time to talk to the Big Issue seller, Ivan who was  who has been sleeping in a city centre car park and whilst he is clearly cheered by those who have had time to stop and talk or offer to buy a copy of the magazine, he was less sanguine in his views that society still has a long way to go to recognise the issues and the underlying causes.
31 Dec. 2017 by
If I should not speak it - I feel that I should be thinking it.