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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 29 Feb 2016

We're gathering together all the resource documents and tutorials to make your Campfire experience easier and more seamless..



Mon, 02/29/2016
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Dave Atkin

This article articulates perfectly your vision, Pete. Clear and concise and crammed with ideas coralled into a coherent plan (apologies for the inadvertent alliteration). The possibilities of the Kudos idea alone, for struggling creatives who need support and finance to get their vision off the ground, could be literally worth its weight in gold. May I suggest the term 'Sparks' for Kudos Points? It seems to suggest itself in terms of new/offshoot/tangential and it corresponds nicely with the campfire imagery. I also came up with 'Firelighters', 'Kindling', 'Brushwood'.... Finally, loving the leaf of faith misspelling, trying to picture what one would look like. :)


Pete Lawrence

I like your alliteration, Dave. I like the word sparks, not sure it totally covers everything that is wrapped up in the word kudos, in particular the 'earned' credibility through consistent engaged activity and the levels of giving involved in volunteering.. worth a discussion, at very least.


Ralph Pettingill

Hi All,
I'd love to be part of this.. happy to think with others about any aspects of it's planning if that's useful.


Pete Lawrence

You'd be welcome, Ralph. I'll invite you onto the Project as a collaborator.