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Created on 19 Mar 2017

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Sun, 03/19/2017
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Punching the air isn't something I do very often, even less so when I'm immersed in a good book, but I found myself doing this on more than one occasion reading 'How Soon Is Now', so poignant and relevant are its theories, examples, conclusions and calls to action, chiming with a lot of my own recent thinking and Campfire's emergent values and principles too.

28 Jul. 2017 by
Review of two books on the vital interaction between biology and geology – really, is there anything more fascinating in the universe?
27 Aug. 2017 by
Starting to understand the history of the 20th Century
7 Jan. 2017 by
I must confess that I knew little about feminist author and essayist Rebecca Solnit before this morning but, prompted by comedian Josie Long mentioning her name on Radio 4 in connection with influential books that look at alternative approaches to activism, I checked out her work. Here are her tips on how to be a writer.
9 Jul. 2017 by
This book may just change the world......
16 Jul. 2017 by
I believe we need book-length thinking now more than ever, if we are to learn from the past, understand the present and build for the future
18 Aug. 2017 by
Jasper Fforde has something to say about megacapitalism and fascists – as well as dodos, croquet and Mrs Tiggywinkle