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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 29 Feb 2016

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Mon, 02/29/2016
Key Interests

Beta time


I’m overjoyed that we’re now open for business after many months of diligent work alongside the developers and delighted to say that we are now starting our testing programme this week. The next phase of the journey begins here, on this site.

I’d like to thank you for your interest in Campfire and your offer to be one of our very first testers. The early members will play a pioneering role in helping shape the community. All we ask is that you are reasonably computer literate, can find things to post about and that you enjoy yourself and get active.  Initially you will find the place a bit of an echo chamber as you’ll be one of the very first handful, but hopefully you’ll be able to imagine the potential of what we can do with dozens, hundreds or thousands of  industrious members all interacting.

Please visit the relevant thread/s in the Campfire Community forum and feed back to us there. 







kirsty hawkshaw

Will have a good look at this. :)