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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 29 Feb 2016

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Mon, 02/29/2016
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Mar 2017

Campfire Circle 004.UK meeting : Leamington Spa March 25th

Organised by Pete Lawrence and 0 collaborators
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An all-day meeting discussing Campfire's summer events and website. Have your say and be part of our team.

Our Campfire Convention 2017 event is scheduled for the weekend of August 4-6

Planning meeting for those who would like to be involved in putting together this summer's Convention, with room for some discussion about the launch of the website too. This summer's event should be truly co-operative, with input on every level from programming to staffing to make it happen. If we agree at the Circle to proceed with the main event, tickets would go on sale at the start of April.

We have a pub function room available for Saturday March 25th (early arrivals social evening Friday 24th tbc) at The Star and Garter, Warwick Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 5LL

There should be no shortage of accommodation options available in Leamington Spa for those wanting to stay over. If anyone local can put people up, please make them selves known! 

The meeting starts at 11am Saturday and will finish by 5.30pm. A few of us will be around Friday and Saturday evening for a social if anyone fancies extending their stay. Please let me have an early feedback for what you’d like to discuss (and if you can't make it, this is particularly welcome too), otherwise our agenda intends to cover :

Social Network / Website

Phase 2 development update : (Events / Bugle / Projects)

Launch strategy / date

Subscription - how to phase in



Campfire Convention 002.UK (August 4-6) : Concept, programme, site, organisation, ticketing, PR and social media

Budget - (Pete Blunt)

Key positions / volunteers

Campfire Conversations



London hackathon (Richard Dent / Caroline Halcrow looking at ideas)

Campfire in Greek Islands

Ideas / feedback / suggestions. Should it go ahead?

Brian Eno ideas initiative 

Detail and proposals 

A name for it. 

Launch ideas



4-6 Warwick St, Leamington Spa CV32 5LL

7 Attending





Karen Hiorns

Hello all, I live in a village 8 miles from Leamington Spa and could accommodate 2 people with beds and 1 on a sofa.



Jeremy Pearce

Hi Karen .I am trying to sort travel up to Lemming ton at the moment .If you do have any spare floor space ,I would be most grateful x


Katherine Lucy Sang

Nice x


Jeremy Allerton

Hi, i'm going to be in Colombia at that time...possibly 15 to 30 meters under the sea looking at alternative life...or maybe playing my uke with a load of beach musicians. I definitely want to be teaming up with some folks to put on some campfire convention activities of the muse though! Maybe i need a chat with someone...Paul, Dave or anyone that also wants to focus on human expression..that includes anything really.


Pete Lawrence

@Colin Consterdine is going to be pretty involved in this summer's event's programme so maybe worth touching base with him, @Jeremy Allerton .. Enjoy Columbia!


Colin Consterdine

I'll be in Leamington and I'm happy for anyone to message me to start any balls rolling :)


Suzi Glantz

@Karen Hiorns (Karen-Hiorns) Might well take you up on that Karen! Please let me know if your beds start filling up! Suzix


Ralph Pettingill

Hi Karen, I'll be coming driving down from Newcastle and would appreciate a sleeping space for the night- I'm happy to bring bedding/ sleeping bag etc if needed...


Karen Hiorns

Hi Ralph, I could put you up on Friday night but not Saturday sorry, as I won't be able to make the meeting now. I have just posted and included your name on my post but am not sure if it will alert you hence me posting here. Let me know.


Ruth Wallsgrove

Really looking forward to this. I'm an hour from L Spa myself, but if anyone needs a space to stay I have a couple of good mates there who I am sure would be happy to put you up. Just let me know - x


Jan Trembecki

I'm coming to the meeting so would really appreciate somewhere to stay overnight. I always travel with a roll mat and sleeping bag and any floor space would be great. Otherwise if anyone can recommend a B&B close by that would be good.


Pete Lawrence

Are you sorted, @Jan Trembecki ? I know Kevin Mott Renton and Sarah Huddlestone (another are on here) were also offering accommodation in Leamington on the Facebook group thread.


Karen Hiorns

Hi all, I think I'm really sorry but I think I now have to be somewhere else this Saturday and will not be able to attend the meeting. I will be around Friday night and could meet up for the social. I could also accommodate 3 people on Friday night but not Saturday night sorry, if that is helpful. I @Jeremy Pearce@Ralph Pettingill (ralphpettingill) @Suzi Glantz xx


Karen Hiorns

Hello, further to my previous post, I'm sorry that I won't be able to make the meeting on Saturday now. I will be able to attend the social get together on Friday evening and I could still accommodate 3 people on Friday night but not Saturday if that works for you @Jeremy PearceRalph Pettingill @Suzi Glantz x


Suzi Glantz

Hi Karen, coming to Leamington on Saturday so won't need accommodation on Friday. Thanks for the offer though - very kind of you!


Karen Hiorns

Thanks for getting back to me Suzanne x