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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 29 Feb 2016

We're gathering together all the resource documents and tutorials to make your Campfire experience easier and more seamless..



Mon, 02/29/2016
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Welcome to Campfire Convention.  After many months spent building the site, we are launching our social network and to starting the discussion on what we can do to make a difference.                                 

The heart of the Campfire experience will revolves around our wide-ranging website and social network. The online experience will revolve around our Profile pages and associated Portfolio feature, our Projects and our 16 Guilds, organised into three groups – Creative, Leisure and Tools For Life. Each one has the potential to develop its own editorial voice at a time when so much mainstream media primarily reflects the vested interests of its owners. We aim to develop a truly independent voice, untainted by the commercial pressures associated with chasing advertising and page click bait. 

Campfire will build its own world around everyone’s input and participation. We are sparking the tinder and watching what happens from here. Anything is possible! We’d like to extend a warm welcome around the Campfire circle, here or at one of our events.

You will find some useful resources by following the following links : 

Get Started

Site map

Welcome to Campfire


Social Network tutorials

Campfire starter video

Status updates and Posts

Uploading a Post

How to browse in the Library

Guilds (magazines) and editorial roles

How to use Projects


Campfire Events

Campfire Conversation events

What is The Campfire Circle?

Campfire Convention 001.UK / August 2016

Campfire Convention 001.UK - speakers and panels



Kindling : Campfire youth initiative

Introduction to Kudos scheme and Campfire Foundation concepts

Introducing Beacons

Circle teams

Tutorial Videos

1  - Campfire Tutorial 1 : Profile, Posts, Updates, Friending... 


2 - Campfire Tutorial 2 : Guilds and Forums 


3 - Campfire Tutorial 3 : Projects, The Bugle and Library