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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 29 Feb 2016

We're gathering together all the resource documents and tutorials to make your Campfire experience easier and more seamless..



Mon, 02/29/2016
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Campfire : Top Ten Tips


1 How do I find who is on the site so I can send some friend requests?

Two ways :

a) Type 'all' in the search window, when the results come up, select the 'uers' tab and you will see all current members, in chronological order of joining

b) Go to Guilds > Campfire Community Guild > Members - again, you will see all current members of the site, in chronological order of joining

2 Tagging users

You can now tag users by adding their username - first type@ and then start to enter their name and you should be offered options. The system will then send them a notification that you have alerted them, whether in an update, a post, a comment or a forum thread.

3 Following threads

You can follow (and receive new notifications for) an entire comment thread or a forum thread by clicking on the follow button (the right arrow) of the first post

4 Add Campfire hotlink to your mobile home screen

Currently on Android and iPhone you can add your Profile and CC homepage to your mobile home screen for quick and easy web-based access

5 Turn 21 forums into one

From the top level forum menu, go to the second tab 'Active Topics' which will give you a different view which lists all recent forum threads in latest order. Posts you haven't read will be notified by a plain black comment box icon. You can use the pull down menu to alter preferences. The first tab 'View Forums' gives the birds eye view of all forums. 

6 Uploading pictures to a post or forum post

This is a work-in-progress so may change but currently, as well as being able to 'grab' the URL of any photograph or video on the web and insert it into a post you can now upload a local image from your own hard drive. Click on the image button and then 'upload' tab and you can position it wherever you want in an article or post. Similarly with videos via the button to the right with the + - just paste the URL, not the embed

7 When making a status update which links to a web page, you don't need to remove the URL

The actual URL will vanish when you post, as if by magic

8 If you don't have Photoshop or an image editing app, e-sizing images is easily done in > launch web app > browse > upload your image from hard drive > click 'adjustment' and you can crop or re-size from there and save the edited image

9 You can add a Facebook video to your posts and updates 

Right click a video from Facebook, select 'show video URL', copy URL and simply paste. It works for status updates, without a fuss. For posts, the best bet I have yet found is to create a 'playlist' post type then paste the URL into the 'add a playlist' option under 'assets' This will default feature image on your wall too.

10 Need more space to write your masterpiece? 

Just pull down on the bottom right black edge to extend the window while you write or add media to your creation