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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 29 Feb 2016

We're gathering together all the resource documents and tutorials to make your Campfire experience easier and more seamless..



Mon, 02/29/2016
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Welcome to Campfire!


Welcome to Campfire’s web community

Finding your way around

You can view much of the Campfire site as a non-member - all the articles in our magazine The Bugle for instance or on our Guilds pages. If you want to be an active member of the community, to be able to create posts and updates, view other Profiles and make friends, create Projects, set up Beacons and use our forum, you will need to join Campfire (we have a 'pay what you feel' contribution). We are building a community and resources together. More info  and the theory behind our membership model and the vision for the Kudos scheme will aims to reward input and engagement.

Our FAQs are here - in this document, we are starting to build up a resource with links to some of the main tutorials which explain how the site works. You will also find lots of useful stuff in the Library (try the filters 'Campfire' and 'tutorials' for instance)

There's loads to find, have a look around, explore in your own time. Familiarise yourself with the scope of the site, try a few things out (you can delete and / or edit if you need to) and a good place to start might be this 'what to post where' article. 

Don't be shy to send some friend requests, you will find everyone on here very open and approachable. We're all Pioneers together. You can see who is on the site by looking in the Campfire Community Guild (everyone is automatically joined up to that Guild) and then the members tab.  Feel free to like and comment on other members posts, look in the Bugle (site magazine) or special interest Guilds and comment or have a trawl around our Forums too. If you're feeling especially creative you can even set up your own Projects, pull in documents and invite collaborators too.

For our members, it is really important that we are building a dynamic online community in parallel with real life meet ups and to that end, we are advancing different types of meet ups. Campfire is an evolving community, directed by its own members and your participation is greatly valued, whether it’s posting online, showcasing your own interests and hobbies, teaming up with collaborators, joining the discussion or getting involved in our events. This article describes how we are different.

Hopefully you’ll find the site fairly intuitive, given its wide range of features. Check our site map for handy links to the main features.

Time permitting, if you would like a Skype screenshare walkthrough let me know, many find it useful.



1 Campfire Convention (annual weekend meet up). Usually takes place in August (in 2017, we're very busy launching the site so will not be gathering). 

2 Campfire Conversations (taking place all over the UK, soon to go international). they are easy to host. If you’d like to put forward a proposal for one, please message me.

3 Campfire Circles - team meetings, local initiatives. We are planning a geolocation feature on the site to enable this to be represented and coordinated online.

4 Campfire Beacons - online (and on the ground) organising team initiatives. Step forward and make contact if you would like to join one or more and get involved.


Campfire is an advertising and sponsorship-free new community sustained by membership contribution that will aim to support its ongoing costs in terms of development work, administration, event organisation and managing the journalistic side of our Bugle and Guilds as the membership grows. the site is currently free while we finish our beta testing phase. Once the site opens, existing members will be offered a year’s free membership and new members will be invited to contribute ‘what you think it’s worth’ (minimum £1.66 a month / £20 a year) for an introductory offer.

Time input

We aim to introduce a Kudos scheme which rewards time input once we move into profit and this will move us towards Campfire becoming a ground-breaking new style of co-operative. You can read more about the ethos and business model in this article, and the Kudos scheme is introduced here.