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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 29 Feb 2016

We're gathering together all the resource documents and tutorials to make your Campfire experience easier and more seamless..



Mon, 02/29/2016
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What is the Campfire Circle?


Campfire Circle meetings are where the core team gets together and decides how we are best placed to move the Campfire project forward. As we grow, roles will need filling and it will be important to find people who understand the concept and want to put in time to get the idea up and running. We are starting to develop a co-operative share scheme model whereby a proportion of future profits go back into community once the running costs are taken care of.

If you're interested in joining the Campfire Circle and are able to volunteer to get involved, the website will be offering links for available opportunities and announcements of meetings.

Please follow the Campfire Community Guild for updates.