Campout 2019 : Frome Somerset August - five day event

A Project into which we will add details of this coming summer's Campout 2019 as it unfolds
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 16 Dec 2018

Adding programme information for Campout 2019 as it unfolds



Sun, 12/16/2018


16 Aug 2019 at 10:20 by Pete Lawrence
The culmination of several months work and some amazing contributions from the many who volunteered their input, we are trailblazing a new type of festival, 5 days mixing open space radical participation with a programme that mixes speakers, workshops, experiences, live music, DJs, art, film, yoga, shiatsu, acupuncture, storytelling, ceremony, a sweat lodge and campfires. We can't wait! 
18 Aug. 2019 by Helen Callaghan
Julie Oldfield @ Campout WHEN: Thursday 29th August at 2130 WHERE: Campfire WHAT: Witness Julie's unique and provoking combination of heat on metal.
18 Aug. 2019 by Helen Callaghan
Roger Hallam @ Campout WHEN: Saturday 31st August at 1100 WHERE: Trailblazer's Tent WHAT: The infamous Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder tells all.
16 Aug. 2019 by Helen Callaghan
Lungi Babas @ Campout
16 Aug. 2019 by Helen Callaghan
Mac Macartney @ Campout WHEN: Friday 30th August at 1600 WHERE: Trailblazer's Tent WHAT: Mac's story of exploration and findings, how to find belonging in a world we have become so disconnecting from.
16 Aug. 2019 by Helen Callaghan
A list of all artists performing at Campout 2019! From harp meditations and campfire jams to DJ sessions and circle dances.
16 Aug. 2019 by Helen Callaghan
Theo Simon @ Campout WHEN: Sunday 1st September at 1030 WHERE: Trailblazer's Tent WHAT: Explore what hope and kindness means and can achieve.