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Collecting information resources connected with how the planet is likely to change in the wake of the Corona virus

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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 28 Feb 2020

Collecting information resources connected with how the planet is likely to change in the wake of the Corona virus



Fri, 02/28/2020

This pandemic will change the world in ways we haven't yet imagined


Is this the tale of the endgame for capitalism?

How are we feeling about the Corona virus pandemic?  When will the WHO actually get around to devaring it a pendemic?

Peak prosperity has probably come to an end for the world. What is likely to follow will be a widespread breakdown and re-calibration of pretty much everything we have come to take for granted. A planetary awakening.

Social distancing will be the norm and it would be unwise to rule out the breakdown of monetary systems, capitalism and health care as we know it. But for how long and will we face a very different future? Here are some stark home truths, some timely advice and a great opportunity for big change.

Facts can be hard to come by, but already we are witnessing (and these facts and figures will change rapidly):

The fastest growing pandemic in recent years - more than 50 countries have now reported cases, and the World Health Organization (WHO) has upgraded the global risk of the outbreak to “very high” – its top level of risk assessment.

A global death toll of over 3000 with more than 88,000 infected.

Many individuals who get coronavirus are experiencing nothing worse than seasonal flu symptoms, but the overall profile of the disease, including its mortality rate, looks more serious. The economic and social effects are likely to lead to fundamental changes in society at all levels

Lock-downs in towns, cities around the world.

Travel bans.

Wall Street's fastest reversal since 1933 during the depths of the Great Depression. 

Almost £5tn was wiped off the value of global markets in just over a week.

The OECD has cut its economic forecast in half, from 2.9% to 1.5%. It predicts that the economies of Japan and the Eurozone could slide in recession. Financial markets would also crash by about 20% under this scenario.

The BBC are already hailing "the end of globalisation overnight"

Cancellations of major gatherings and sporting events, school closures imminent.

Airlines declaring that they are heading for hugely reduced turnover, requests for state aid and bankruptcy. Airports will be empty.

Social distancing and its effect on us as we look to new ways of communicating

Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills — that's the real issue we have to solve

Here are some of the ways we can focus on the positives:


Coming soon?

The biggest opportunity for systemic change in our lifetime...

Meanwhile, a bumpy ride for many:

Economic collapse - already we are seeing a major recalibration from airlines. It's not heard to envisage the collapse of airlines, cruise ship companies, even railways and many multinationals.

Cancellation of all sizeable gatherings. No Glastonbury, no Olympics, no Premier League football, cricket or community events of any size? Where will the line be drawn?

Exodus from cities and urban areas, breakdown of the workplace. 

Lawlessness, potential collapse of monetary system and many aspects of capitalism in general.

The outbreak and its trajectory so far speaks volumes about the make up of the world economy and the political landscape after ever-increasing integration. This is the tale of the endgame for capitalism.

Here are some of the ways we can focus on the practical:


In terms of what we can all do to prepare for what looks set to follow, please have a listen to this podcast from Peak Prosperity. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the Peak Prosperity team for sharing this.

James Wesley Rawles (see link below) is a former Army Intelligence officer who runs the popular disaster and emergency preparation website As an expert who has spent over a decades advising people on how to plan for a wide array of crises — including pandemics — we wanted to sit down asap with Jim to learn his practical recommendations for defending your home and family from the coronavirus threat. In this interview, Jim and I get into the nitty-gritty of the “how to’s”, including: -

Masks/Gloves/Eye Protection/other PPE: What kind to get? How often can you use them?

Runs on water filters, large vessels for water carriage, oxygen concentrators, nebulisers.

Tips for disinfecting? What options are there when supplies run out? -

Surfaces: What cleaners/sanitizers are best? How to disinfect? How to deal with package deliveries? -

Disinfection: How to re-enter your home without contaminating it? -

Food & Water: What supplies to have in case of quarantine/store closures/prolonged utilities outages? -

Home Care: Which supplies — like nebulizers and oxygen concentrators — will be useful in helping sick family members cope? -

Community support: How to help prepare your neighbours in advance of an outage in your area? How to support each other during a community quarantine?

You’ll want to listen to this podcast soon, as many of the resources Jim recommends are fast disappearing from retail shelves. It’s nearly too late to acquire certain PPE (like N95 masks) and Jim identifies which supplies are most in danger of disappearing next (he strongly urges getting bulk food supplies asap before the run on those begins in earnest)


The public services and especially the power grids will be the lynchpin. If they go down, then the water stops flowing. 

Top priorities will be water filters, which wont stop viruses but they will stop bacterial infections.

How to source water - 5 gallon containers and a two wheeled garden cart. 

Consider : Food storage, Cooking, Lighting , Night Vision equipment, Home security, First Aid, Group purchases

Care for anyone who is ill - isolation 

Put together lists:

Food storage list, Water list, First Aid list, Communications list, Bedding List, Clothing List, Gardening List

Prepare for isolation for a few months and prioritise > Resources

Check out our Campfire resources Project - we will aim to collect the most up to date and concise information we can to prepare for the big changes that are likely to come


This one is only just beginning. Hold tight for the next few months and be thoughtful in prayer...