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Collecting information resources connected with how the planet is likely to change in the wake of the Corona virus

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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 28 Feb 2020

Collecting information resources connected with how the planet is likely to change in the wake of the Corona virus



Fri, 02/28/2020
12 Mar. 2020 by Julie Horsley

I love foraging.  Any kind of foraging and particularly berries, wild garlic, alexanders, nettles, tree needles and leaves, wild herbs, nuts... the list is endless.  

As I mentioned in my article entitled "Nature's Apothecary", we have many health companions right on our doorstep and now we have opportunities to plant herb and wild medicine plant seeds. 

29 Feb. 2020 by Pete Lawrence

How are we feeling about the Corona virus pandemic?  When will the WHO actually get around to devaring it a pendemic?

Peak prosperity has probably come to an end for the world. What is likely to follow will be a widespread breakdown and re-calibration of pretty much everything we have come to take for granted. A planetary awakening.

1 Apr. 2020 by Jason Hine

The words of Munro Sickafoose:

"I've seen a number of lovely and well-intended articles or posts wherein the writer likens our current predicament to a collective vision quest, or a collective rite-of-passage, or a threshold into some new maturity for all humanity.

18 Mar. 2020 by Pete Lawrence

With Glastonbury's inevitable cancellation and the stopping of filming for Eastenders and Peaky Blinders this morning, the very fabric of our entertainment institutions is changing as we watch with increasing incredulity about how the world as we knew it is being turned upside down, almost minute by minute. Hay Festival will surely be the next high profile, but at the time of writing, no announcement has yet been made, despite pressure and questions from ticket holders on social media.

11 Mar. 2020 by Julie Horsley

There has been much talk about Fear. Fear is a normal human reaction. However, fear is a vibrational carrier that can lower our vibration and it spreads like wildfire! We can, when "playing" in that fear and anxiety (rather than acting from prudence and common sense) invite in certain scenarios that we would want to avoid.

28 Feb. 2020 by Julie Horsley

It is so important for our bodies to be as healthy and vital as possible and for us to support and nurture a healthy nervous system and, in particular, during any flu season, our immune systems need to be firing on all cylinders.  So for all of us, there are some key things we can to do help our immunity.  Some simple things include a good nights sleep, washing our hands regularly and using an alcohol-based rub (effective hand washing is, according to the World Health Organisation, by far the