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by Campfire Voice
Created on 15 Dec 2018

"To realie the latent potential of our digital communications networks, we would build decentralized, peer-to-peer systems designed to be perpetually evolving, supporting social coordination, making easy and hyper-efficient to share skills and resources. Politically, we would establish something like a functional anarchy, based on nonviolent Satyagraha principles, to supersede the current system of military and corporate control. New social technologies would train people to make effective decisions together, based on consensus methods as well as ongoing referendums." 

As a journalist, I have written for Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, the Village Voice, Rolling Stone, etcetera. I am currently the editorial director of the Evolver Project (www.evolver.net). 



Sat, 12/15/2018

Black Mirror in China. 


Black Mirror in China. 

Perhaps technocratic totalitarianism is something that is simply self-organizing - an emergent property of our transition to an entirely technologically mediated society? It reminds me of the comment by, I think, Nietzsche: "Man is a transitional being." 

I wonder how this growing capacity for social behavior control orchestrated via surveillance and ratings systems will mesh with the ecological emergency? 

It seems society should be monitoring the health of ecosystems rather than tracking the behaviour of disruptors and dissidents - particularly as disruptors and dissidents are the ones who bring meaningful change to society. 

According to Teilhard de Chardin, humanity's eventual destiny is to unite as a "harmonised collective," a noosphere. 

Who doesn't sense the evolutionary pressures from many directions are pushing us toward some kind of transmutation, bifurcation or perhaps just catastrophic system failure?

Certainly a cyborg 1984 society where people have no free will at all would be a kind of system failure, in terms of our human experience and subjectivity. 

It feels like a race between systems of control and systems of cooperation, with control far ahead in the race at this point.





Jeremy Pearce

I read an article on this a few months ago.It doesn't make comfortable reading .Its happening here now .The technology creates the ultimate control ..I come from the generation that remembers before Thatcher started covering the UK with the basic 1st generation surveillance cameras. The Technology for sale .Its creepy enough as I type this that a machine is deciphering my thoughts analyzing and recording .It .I enjoyed reading your article and the fact that you ve taken it into different perspectives and your right .The state wants complete control and its happening right now and its not me being gripped by a false paranoia .The paranoia is very real .God help us all because whats tolerated today and excepted as within the boundary of normal free speech and expression will defiantly not be in the near future and the Orwellian concept of the "Thought Crime "and the fact everything's recorded will be used as evidence against the individual at a later date .Could be tomorrow could be in 10 years time . It could be seconds away from becoming reality .What do you think ?


Ralph Pettingill

A disturbing report- I thought that Black Mirror episode was a dystopian story..