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by Campfire Voice
Created on 15 Dec 2018

"To realie the latent potential of our digital communications networks, we would build decentralized, peer-to-peer systems designed to be perpetually evolving, supporting social coordination, making easy and hyper-efficient to share skills and resources. Politically, we would establish something like a functional anarchy, based on nonviolent Satyagraha principles, to supersede the current system of military and corporate control. New social technologies would train people to make effective decisions together, based on consensus methods as well as ongoing referendums." 

As a journalist, I have written for Esquire, The New York Times Magazine, the Village Voice, Rolling Stone, etcetera. I am currently the editorial director of the Evolver Project (www.evolver.net). 



Sat, 12/15/2018
15 Oct. 2018 by Daniel Pinchbeck

I woke up remembering that our role in this lifetime is to be part of the "dimensional shift" to another level of reality. I forget that sometimes as I get fixated by the spectacle of the destruction of the biosphere - overwhelmed with this deep desire to stop it, to make my being into a single-minded outcry of anguish against it.

7 Jan. 2020 by Daniel Pinchbeck

This is an excerpt from my new book, 2012 Revisited: Prophecy and Transformation at the End of Time. The book is available on Amazon for Kindle or as a hard copy. Purchase it here.

30 Dec. 2018 by Daniel Pinchbeck

As we approach the dawn of 2019, I would like to offer what may be one of the grumpiest, most dislikable and curmodgenly posts I have made. In this post, I am going to attack the idea - more or less sacrosanct across my entire network - that there is anything beneficial or valuable about most travel, particularly tourism (whether intentional, “spiritual,” or not), but also most forms of business travel.

11 Nov. 2018 by Daniel Pinchbeck

Do we get what the devastating fires in Malibu are telling us: That climate change constitutes a severe, immediate threat to our world? This is not something coming in the future: It is already here. In fact, the destructive impacts are just beginning. 

3 Oct. 2018 by Daniel Pinchbeck

I hate capitalism.

Capitalism is a system that elevates psychologically crippled monstrosities like Trump and Kavanaugh to positions of power. Capitalism is based on the detached exploitation of natural resources and human beings. Capitalism directly causes our alienation from the Earth and one another, as we are forced to compete against each other in a “zero sum” neo-Darwinian game.

20 Jan. 2019 by Daniel Pinchbeck

An interesting question to consider: What is authentic spirituality?