A diverse world, an inclusive life...

We are a diverse humanity, but our own lives, neighbourhoods, projects often don't reflect this. What do we need, to move this forward?
by Ralph Pettingill
Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom,
Created on 20 Nov 2016

Our planet and humanity is astoundingly diverse, rich and varied. Vital decisions controlling resources and directing policy are increasingly made by a tiny unrepresentative minority. In our own lives, neighbourhoods and organisations it's easy to find ourselves surrounded by people like ourselves. This presents us with some problems. It means that we lose out on the wide ranging knowledge, expertise and experience of all people. Not knowing about each other's lives, history and perspective, means that decisions are made that don't represent needs. European and World history, as well as the current media climate, show that the separation of people into supposedly different groupings makes us all vulnerable to manipulation.When political systems are under threat, vested interests use scapegoating, fear mongering, 'divide and rule'. I'd like this to be a dialogue- through understanding our own lives to find ways forward to a fully inclusive, diverse world.



Mon, 11/21/2016 to Sun, 11/05/2017