The Homeric Games

An Olympics for innovation that uses the evolutionary potential of big narratives and the imagination to rework the fabric of our reality. Its aims? To A) re-ignite Greece as a beacon of civilisation. B) tackle the world's largest problems at the local, human scale – by putting people and planet first. And C) create a legacy that resonates through the ages. At the same time by offering humanity hope for the future, the Homeric Games shift the focus away from problems, to progress.
by Mary Valiakas
Created on 24 Apr 2018

Each design challenge is framed as a heroic endeavour. The first Homeric, 'We built a temple' aka 'What can hope build?', starting by building a temple in virtual reality. 

Why? To harness the power of the crowd and prove we can indeed come together to create something considered impossible. The timeline:

  1. Ignite a digital HG flame 
  2. Sharers become torchbearers for hope
  3. Measure impact: sentiment mapping & SM impressions
  4. Host celebration of hope June 9th
  5. Crowdfunder allows purchase of digital bricks in VR temple
  6. Donors encode message of hope in each brick
  7. Host big thinkers retreat to determine brief, function, and business case
  8. Invite and incentivise collaboration between private sector and govt
  9. Tell next chapter in the Homeric: we build the physical temple






Sun, 05/20/2018 to Sat, 08/31/2019
24 Apr 2018 at 12:13 by Mary Valiakas
The Athens Beacon and Oi Polloi are proud to host the Homeric Games: an Olympics for innovation, a hope for the future, and – in these dark times – a way to reignite Greece as a beacon of civilisation. So say hello to the first Homeric 'We built a temple' – a heroic tale of crowdsourcing a beacon of hope in humanity’s darkest hour by using the power of the imagination (and virtual reality).