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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 21 May 2016

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Sat, 05/21/2016
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Is this a good walk?


This walk, starting at my camp up spot near The Victory Inn just outside Porthtowan was one of the best I have ever done, helped by a rare fine day taken in the context of the great English summer of 2017 that never was. I'd asked a dog walker whether it was "a good walk?" and felt slightly humbled by the beauty that unravelled as I took the paths she'd suggested, lending me a cheery, perhaps understated "yes, it's pretty good" before explaining the various options.

A fifteen minute stroll towards the sea took in a rugged path flanked by heather, coming alive in its late summer colours. Then a steep descent to Chapel Porth cove, a fine secluded beach already busy with a mixture of locals and holiday makers. I climbed the steep path to the north and this provided the highlight - a straight coastal path that looked down from some height onto the long, wide sandy beach. Birds of prey ducked and dived below me and the vista was wide and magnificent. Soon I encountered Wheal Coates, a former tin mine now maintained by the National Trust. It's a spectacular setting for such a historic place and I could imagine it as a hive of industry back in the day.

Everyone I met on the path shared a sense of collective delight, a feeling that we were truly blessed to be up here on such a fine day. I returned to the camper, face tingling from the sun and wind. It has been one of those days, when you feel that a few hours communing closely with nature might just be the great leveller, even the answer to a lot of the world's ills.




dave wolks

Lovely descriptive piece. I was walking with you :-)


Kimm Fearnley

I want to look at this view. . .beautuful beach! X