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The Outerglobe is Debbie Golt's show on Thursdays 18.30 GMT on Resonance 104.4FM/DAB Londonwide www.resonancefm.com Africanesque Music Culture More
by Debbie Golt
Created on 16 Oct 2016

'The Outerglobe' is Debbie Golt (sometimes known as DJ Debbie) 's (readers tis I!) weekly show on Resonance 104.4FM/DAB London wide and www.resonancefm.com on Thursdays 6.30-7.30pm UK time which takes African music and wider culture as its starting point. Repeated Mondays 10am & archived thereafter for 24/7 access at www.mixcloud.com/outerglobe and www.mixcloud.com/resonance/playlists/the-outerglobe

The Outerglobe is both focused & eclectic with a combination of music on disc & live & informative incisive & entertaining interviews. Debbie selects African oriented music she has loved from time & music just fresh in the post or through the ether. Artists & aparatchniks with an emphasis on UK based contributors (global too) across arts are featured live in the studio or on the phone,or from prerecorded interviews.Your new African music & wider arts news is welcome - be in touch!




Thu, 10/13/2016 to Thu, 07/27/2017