Looking for musicians and collaborators for new recording/live project. Also ,reviewers for existing music and tech heads who understand online marketing as i'm walking around in a dark room on this Planetzim is The Zen Rube Boy aka Jez Allerton. I've played extensively on the London Indie circuit for many years (as a mark of rebellion) and has watched in awe as 'the third wave' took place. Check 14 track album The Importance Of The Moment (Amazon, Spotify etc

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by Jeremy Allerton
Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom,
Created on 12 Aug 2017
Looking for analogue and electronica heads (samples, chaos pad (i have one), synths (got a Nord lead 3), glitching, etc) to make EP, go out live and market on interweb (which i'm rubbish at as not good at banging own drum). Also Arts media club night to launch plus music label.Music so far:  is highly melodic, rhythmic and can be sardonically knockabout at times. 
Using live and sampled instruments and glitch noises, the album moves through a wide variety of production sounds to satisfy Planetzims’ eclectic mind and tastes.
Unwittingly music has a British lineage (apparantly) The Kinks, Anthony Newley, Manu Chow, The Bonzo Dog Dooda Band, Bowie, Iggy Pop, Mott The Hoople. Electrodance rave music and even Ian Dury. Storm The Charts gave him a 5 star plus review/anti social Billy Bragg.
After a live appearance on Robert Elms BBC Radio London Mr Elms described him as ‘Uketastic”


Sat, 08/12/2017
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Chris Duffill

Hi Jez, this looks like a great plan, we had a bit of conversation about similar ideas at Braunston with a few other musicians. Pleasing that you have taken the initiative! A few thoughts; I would love to get involved on the musical side collaborating on composition and production. I do all kinds of keyboard and electronic based writing, but I don't sing so always looking to link up with people with that precious talent. Some recent things I have done are on this YouTube playlist. Remixes of house/electronica pieces where I've rewritten a lot of musical parts and given it a Dub mix. The first three are released on Metapop.
I'm also doing three more remixes for Pool Moon Elephant which will be released on their label around Christmas in a similar style.
When it comes to live playing, sadly I'm a long way from Brighton in Hereford. But definitely keen to see if we can do some remote songwriting/production collaboration if you think it fits with your vision for the project in some way.

As for the marketing side of things - well I think I'm much like you, this is a foreign land to me, beyond posting songs to s few sites and having a basic attempt at websites/blogs and linking on social media. I see people who do it well, and I think it can't be that hard, but the reality is that it takes time and effort to do it well. The actual communication side of it is hard to get right, set the tone and draw people's interest. Perhaps there are folk here on Campsite who have those talents, would like to get involved. Maybe there is scope for a group to promote and market a range of music... I'd be happy to put effort into something along those lines but as I said I don't have the talents to know what and how.

Enjoyed having a listen to the Planetzim songs on Spotify anyway, will listen again properly later. One good marketing angle you have already, it's a very good name