A Solstice Experience; A Campfire Beacon and Fundraiser

I'm delighted to be working alongside Campfire Convention, artist and larp designer Nina Runa Essendrop and with the very beautiful Lauderdale House in the middle of the stunning Waterlow Park in Highgate North London to create 'A Solstice Experience': a joy filled ritual celebration of the Summer Solstice. This unique magical event is designed as a Solstice Beacon for London, a fundraiser for Campfire Convention and a chance to spread the word about Campfire Convention throughout London...

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Created on 10 Apr 2018

Let’s see what we can create together on these days; let’s re-imagine the world we’d like to live in and get active to make it happen together. 

We are delighted to be able to announce the Solstice Beacon for London.,.. On June 21st we will be gathering at the stunning Lauderdale House, a Tudor Mansion set in the grounds of Waterlow Park in Highgate, North London. 

This is a really special location and we will be marking the longest day of the year with a unique collaboration between Campfire Convention, Psychotherapist and Facilitator Jonathan Goldsmith and Danish Artist and larp designer Nina Runa Essendrop.

Together they will be taking you on a profoundly moving, touching, beautiful and magical journey: 'A Solstice Experience'.




Thu, 06/21/2018


Find out about Solstice Experience collaborator & composer Lo Ersare who will be coming over to perform at this event


We are delighted to have the composer and artist Lo Ersare coming over to the UK to take part in a Solstice Experience. 

She will be performing live during the larp and will be working alongside Jonathan Goldsmith in helping to facilitate the workshop for the audience who are participating in this event.

In her words "I have always been drawn to the amount of detail and fingertip sensitivity that Nina puts into her designs. She is able to create a space where performers and audience are able to make a easy transition from the objective world into a form of parallel universe complete with it’s own angles and edges. The music created for human experience is based on the never ending spiral of the human DNA, tailored to mirroring how we are constantly observing, imitating and reforming our environment.” 


More about Lo Ersare:

Swedish alternative vocalist, experimental sound artist, performer and composer based in Malmö, SE and Copenhagen, DK. Being born in Umeå to a drama teacher and a clothing designer Lo had an early start as a performer being enrolled into music, theatre, dance and martial arts classes from the age of 7. Her sound is heavily influenced by Umeå’s vibrant folk music life and experimental music scene. Gaining a interest in improvised interaction and performative arts Lo participated in plays and performances alongside her older brother, actor Love Ersare, as a teenager and wrote her first play at the age of 14 for her drama class. Her body and movement coordination during performances stems from her many years of training Japanese martial arts Ju-Jutsu and Aikido combined with modern dance. Taking her interest in Japanese culture even further by studying the language in high school and at University. 


However music continues being her primary platform to this day and she studied jazz / improvisation and composition at Birka Folkhögskola and Skurups Folkhögskola. After completing her education in Sweden Lo took a gap year traveling through England volunteering on organic farms and playing banjo on the streets thus forming the project Padded Paws that resulted in an EP recorded in Tambourine Studios. In 2015 she moved to Malmö supporting herself as a street-musician until entering the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. During her studies her main focus has been interdisciplinary live performances, combining improvised music with other art forms such as video installations, painted graphic scores, larp and modern dance. She has written and produced music for various performances and art videos in Scandinavia, toured around Europe and was signed with Polish record company For tune Records with The Art of Escapism. Lo also holds workshops in improvisation not only for singers, musicians and dancers but also for beginners as she believes that improvisation and music is for everyone regardless of age or level. She has been a teacher in the choir school Kor-Skolen since 2016 where she leads two choirs; the Organic Choir and the Senior Choir, and coaches singers in most genres.

Lo is regarded as an artist with a wide range of abilities that crosses borders within contemporary art. She is able to unfold her visions thanks to her entrepreneurship, passion and belief in the healing ability in music, singing and human connection.