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Building resources in the fight against the extreme policies and lurch to the right that the USA is undergoing under the new President

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by Pete Lawrence
Created on 31 Jan 2017

We are attempting to build resources in the fight against the extreme policies and lurch to the right that the USA is undergoing under the new President. The world has quickly been turned upside down and the sweep of far-right politics has spread beyond America. We need to be aware, to be informed and to work out ways we can make a difference. 



Tue, 01/31/2017

The 'fascie pack' - Evening Standard normalises fascist pretenders


Mouse over the header image for The Standard's appalling fashion article on 'fascistkids1.jpg' pops up.


"Movements need leaders, and out of the swell notable stars have emerged" says writer Phoebe Luckhurst, who goes on to refer to Milo Yiannopoulos as "the arch celebrity of the movement" and 24-year-old talk show host Tomi (pronounced Tommy) Lahren, profiled in a piece by The New York Times, which called her “the Right’s rising media star”.

"Her allure is straightforward: she is slim, pretty and — crucially — zealous about her mission. She is regularly accused of racism" says Luckhurst unashamedly.

She goes on to Profile the spangly new trend 

'Dress the part'  :

"For boys there is a haircut — a short back and sides but long on top (nicknamed “the fascie”) and three outfits: a dark suit, a Farage-esque heritage look or a skinhead with Eighties jacket and light-wash jeans. 

Women are polished — they channel Ivanka Trump (not that she is a member of this movement, per se). Lahren has it down: smooth, tonged hair and slim-fitting A-line dresses. It is forgettable dressing: bland, American, sterile."

Chillingly, the article concludes with this salvo "The battle lines have been drawn and the narratives are still developing, but this group has the energy for a long fight. “Consider your bubble burst,” Lahren says, her eyes fixed square ahead, her body still. “I am your worst nightmare. I don’t care what you label me or how many times you come for me. I’m fearless — and I’m just getting started.”


"Hurrah for the fascie shirts" says the ES. Someone w job title "journalist" wrote this piece of Riefenstahlia...

— Paul Mason (@paulmasonnews) December 8, 2016





Colin Consterdine

Dark days ahead!


Jeremy Pearce

The reality of these free media publications distributed on the nations transport networks is that they are. In the case of Metro and Standard ,printed by those fun loving Neo Fascists at Mail group .When I pick one of these comics up .I know it contains .Distorted non truth .and sometimes even start to hum "Puppet on a string "the 1960s euro song sung by someone called Hopkins .These comics are a great way of reaching out to the new economic migrant communities from the Eastern block ,Who have no previous experience of the UK , So these comics are in fact creating a Britishness and British values that are in fact a pure fabrication and never actually existed .Except in the "How to mass hypnotize a nation,to except unquestionably whats obviously wrong"? .Don't we just hate it !


Azka Malik

So sad to see this, feels like a great many nightmares unfolding. I'd like to fast forward to the next phase of civilisation where we can all just heave a sigh of relief this is over.


Eileen Inglis

This is really worrying!