Vegan (including Vegetarian) Delights

Here we all are in the tail end of Vegan January and there really is a food revolution taking place at the moment, and for many reasons .I wont go into the philosophy of it in the header because of space and complexity. Or ram animal rights (pardon the pun) This is an ideas pool for health creativity and dont worry if your food pics are scuzzy .This is Campfire .Its finding a place and a platform to project and share and enlighten .Its feeding mind body and soul and this I why its here X
by Jeremy Pearce
Created on 24 Jan 2018

"Can You Hear the bushes Scream when Daddie Prunes "?

So its a windy damp rainy day in the Chighood ,My works dried up temperarally , unlike the weather thats been as Jan as Jan can be and Ive desided to do something that I have been meaning to do for months and expand my "Vegan Delights" food entries on the site into a full grown project .I have just spent 3and a half months in the subterainian world of the  main kitchen of Claridges doing, opulent  percision French Clasical . (Something that I will blog separatly to this at a later date ) I have many friends who are changing their eating and life habits and when I went onto the Veg January Site .I was shocked by the pushing of tie in products that have come onto the market .I was chatting with one of my mates and we both agreed that most of this food is non satisfying in calorific content or in comfort food stakes .So lets fix this problem .Campfire x






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