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12 January 2018, 05:45
This project is a place for therapists, coaches and people working in personal development, personal change or organisational changeto come together on Campfire and share stories, articles and resources.
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Louise Scrivens
1 January 2018, 19:51
We as a family have consumed a substantial amount of the Earth's resources over the years. I would like to cut down on our thoughtless consumption. I thought it would be interesting and hold me accountable if I documented this somewhere. I looked at wordpress and at facebook, and then thought .... why not on Campfire? If I made it a project other could contribute as well, so here we are.
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barry cawston
1 December 2017, 11:20
This series is a general portfolio of images taken over the last ten years that represent the width of my photography. I have been lucky that much of my time has been spent on personal projects or commissions which are of a similar feel. I like to move between contrasting subject matter... from Social Documentary to Landscape, from Architecture to Abstract and once professed that I shoot anything but fashion.It is always inspiring to turn one's eye onto a new subject.
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Carmen Hunt
20 November 2017, 23:00
Welcome! Dynnergh! Here's a growing collection of the amazing works of the wonderful peoples of Liskeard . . . Dha weles skon / See you soon
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Pete Lawrence
18 November 2017, 17:30
“I love not man the less, but Nature more.” A Project for collection of resources on writer and activist George Monbiot
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Pete Lawrence
14 October 2017, 07:59
Most Tuesdays we aim to invite a guest to our forum for a Q&A amongst Campfire members. Amongst our illustrious guests have been peace activist Scilla Elworthy, The Alternative UK's Indra Adnan and Flatpack Democracy author Peter Macfadyen. This Project collects together the transcriptions of our sessions and invites your comments and suggestions.
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Julia Black
27 August 2017, 23:05
Are you learning with your Lights On or Off?
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Sally Hughes
24 August 2017, 18:00
A community of communities committed to sustainability and activating the urban commons for a better future, by people, for people. Shining a spotlight on sharing, solidarity and the new economy in Cardiff.
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Lizzie Jackson
11 August 2017, 15:34
It looks like a corporate HQ but MaRS is one of the largest co-working spaces in Toronto, if not worldwide. MaRS enables SMEs to take on bigger contracts through partnerships and networking. I would like to interview London-based CEOs and producers working in the Creative Industries who are either based in co-working offices or thinking about doing so.
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