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Campfire Voice - 08 Dec 2020


Campfire Convention’s World Harmony on-line/offline event returns for the Winter Solstice 2020, this time in a more organic form. We invite you to come together across the globe on Sunday 20th and Monday 21st December 2020 to celebrate the solstice, unity, world harmony and the powerful Jupiter/Saturn conjunction and harmonic energy convergence.

Building on the delightful experience of the Summer Solstice World Harmony event in June, our second World Harmony event will be intimate and perfectly poised to enable whatever needs to arise. At its beating heart, it will have an ethos of openness, inclusion, connection and co-creation. 

Register for Sunday 09:00 - Monday 09:00

Register for Monday 09:00 onwards

Ticket Tailor Tickets available here 

Check our new microsite for programme, blurb on sessions, beacons map and more

Campfire Convention's World Harmony Winter Solstice will feature a variety of sessions on Zoom.

09:00 The ZEN DEN's easy start to Sunday - some yoga and a gong bath from sister and brother team, Emma and Mark Smallman

11:00 Maria Louise Barnicoat's MIDWINTER EARTH DANCE. Cleanse your mind with sweat and breath: laughter and prayer

12:30 The WINTER SOLSTICE WIZARD (our Campfire virtual Santa;) comes along to invite us wrap up 2020 and help us set intentions for 2021.

14:00 'HOW CAN WE EVOLVE TO SERVE OUR EMERGING FUTURE', a session with Betsey Downing.

15:00 CLIMATE CAFE (led by Virginia Mallin),

16:30 JuliLa’s WISH UPON A STAR sing-a-long session,

17:15 GRAND CONJUNCTION STAR GAZING with Angela Ward. She offers your own personal chart. You will need to have an exact time as well as date of birth for this and you will have 15 minutes for each session, off grid.

17:30 THE LIGHTING OF GLOBAL BEACONS ....we invite you to join us, whether it is a candle, a barbecue, a fire pit, a log burner, a chimenea, a bonfire or a torch. We can all set sacred space virtually anywhere. You can stick a pin in the map on world to light your own flame.

18:20 Then we hand over to BRUCE BICKERTON for some music from around the fireside and he will introduce MATT COLDRICK (telling the tale of the recent arrival in his life of a blind kitten called Nelson who turned up on his doorstep and turned his life upside down)

20:00 DEEP AND CRISP AND EVEN AV MIX As we move into the evening, Pete Lawrence will be presenting a new AV version of his deep widwinter mix from 2000...

We'll follow that will some more music and film, I suspect. It'll be quite organic at that stage!


09:00 Pete kicks off hosting on Monday from Paros with (internet connection permitting) some music and films.

11:00 Julene Siddique talks about SYSTEMIC SOCIAL CHANGE. We ten have space for an open discussion around our 'Lighthouse For Learning : Processing 2020 and setting intentions for 2021'.

We will probably take a break for a little while then, or may continue, if we're on a roll...until:

16:00 One of Monday's highlights is Jason Hine's ‘Ceremony of the Dragon in the Land". Read about what the ceremony will involve here:

We have been preparing the ground and sowing the seeds that are ready to break through; a fertile combination of experiential learning, music, ritual, heart-centred business, eco-community and conscious social networking.

World Harmony is part of Campfire's evolving online event blueprint - an exploration of how we bring people together around a shared vision of unity and connection.

Help Build This Together. 

Your 'pay what you feel' donation helps support Campfire to continue to build and adapt our blueprint to whatever is needed to be responsive to what is arising both personally and collectively.

Our bodies, hearts, minds and feelings are designed to work in harmony as parts of our whole body and to be in tune with the cycles of the Earth. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice sees the darkness at its height and the waning cycle of the Sun stop. Now we can celebrate the return of the Sun, tune in to our hearts, give voice to our visions and dreams so that they can grow exponentially as the light increases and the days lengthen.  We can also pause to look back on this kaleidoscopic “coronacoaster” of a year of 2020, reflect on all that we have experienced, our insights and learning. It’s been quite a year. 

The Winter Solstice is an invitation to come out of our hibernation, to gather around the fire, to share, to be kind, generous and loving and to meet that yearning many of us have to reconnect and celebrate friends, relationships and nature and the joys of being in community.

Watch this space for what will be on offer as it is being co-created moment by moment.

We look forward to gathering together with you again.

In love, light, unity and harmony

Campfire x



Chris Sollett

Thanks for the invitation to this event - it's very welcome. Unfortunately, I will be attending another solstice event/workshop on those days. However we are all working towards the same ends - to celebrate what unites us and to collaborate in increasing our connections, with other and with our environment. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. Have a great solstice

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